Saturday, September 29, 2012

24 Weeks

{I've been a bad blogger.  Sorry.  More regular posts coming... promise.}

For now, here's a Baby N update.  This little girl is making her presence known!

Cravings:  I have never been a sweets person, but my sweet tooth has definitely come out to play.  Sweets just sound really good.  All the time.  It didn't help that this week was my birthday, and there were sweets everywhere.  On one particular day, I had a piece of cornbread, a piece of dark chocolate, a cupcake, a cookie, a piece of pie, and a few bites of spice cake.  Oops!  I've also been craving salty stuff like turkey bacon and chips.  I'm still loving BLTs for lunch, plenty of club soda, and fruit.  Big meals aren't as appealing since I definitely get fuller faster.

Symptoms:  I'm definitely starting to feel some pain.  I can no longer slouch on the couch for hours on end.  I will pay the price with a horrible back ache when I get up!  I need to sit propped up and work on my posture.  When I'm on my feet all day working in Houston, my lower back aches.  My stomach is also starting to feel heavy and just hurt at the end of the day, mostly down low.  I feel kicks every day now.  They are unpredictable, and they always come in spurts.  I'll feel 3-4 at once, then none for a while.  It's fun and not as weird as I thought since I like knowing she's OK in there.  Brent hasn't really been able to feel the kicks yet.

Names:  We still haven't decided, but we are getting closer.  We will announce when we know!

Nursery:  We don't have anything yet.  Is that bad?  I have tons of ideas in a spreadsheet, but we haven't actually purchased anything.  Nursery inspiration post coming soon...

Clothes:  I'm definitely wearing maternity clothes now.  My old hoodies no longer zip up, and I packed away boxes of skirts, pants, and shirts that are not going to see the light of day for a long while.  My fabulous mother and  mother-in-law bought me some super cute styles for my birthday this week.  I also have amazing friends who have let me borrow their clothes.  I'm pretty pumped about my maternity wardrobe.  I've found great stuff at Gap, Old Navy, and Motherhood.

Getting Prepped:  This week I registered for classes at the hospital.  We're going to do "Prepared Childbirth", "Baby Care", and a tour of the birth center at the hospital.  Signing up made me feel a little better - I need to learn stuff!!

...And here's the belly.  Yesterday, Brent said, "Wow, you're getting big."  Um, thank you??

22 Weeks
{Old Navy maternity jeans + Old Navy stretchy tank}

23 Weeks
{Regular top that still fits + stretchy black skirt that's getting tons of mileage}

24 Weeks
{Old Navy maternity jeans + Gap maternity top}

24 Weeks - birthday night out!
{Fabulous Maternal America dress my sister in law let me borrow!}

Front view

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's A...

We are thrilled beyond belief to know that little Baby N is a girl in there!!!  First and foremost, we are grateful to God for a completely healthy baby so far!  We had our big doctor's appointment yesterday, and all is well with Baby N.  SHE is growing just perfectly.  My sweet, sweet husband came up with this precious plan for us to find out the gender.  We enjoyed the sonogram looking at her little hands, feet, spine, and heart, and then we had the nurse write the gender for us on a card we brought and seal it in an envelope.  Brent made reservations at a super nice restaurant here in Durham, Revolution.  We got all dressed up and went on our date.  It was so fun, and such a treat for a random Wednesday!  The restaurant was great, and we had a cozy little corner table.  Brent had the card in his shirt pocket - it was so cute.  After we ordered our dinner but before the food came, he pulled it out and opened it.  He wanted to be the one to tell me... so sweet.  He kept the card open in front of his face for like 45 seconds so I couldn't see the card OR his reaction, but he finally let me see.  We really did not have any inclination or preference one way or the other, so we were just so happy!  I started crying and made Brent come over to my side of the table and hug me.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner together and even started throwing out names.  It's so crazy and fun to know!!

And we can't forget the food...

Such a fun night!  Can't wait to start picking names and of course SHOPPING!  Bring on the pink and the monograms!

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