Monday, March 2, 2009

TAKS and Building a House

You thought I was going to make some elaborate metaphor about the TAKS test and a house... Not so much! I have just enough energy to write about tomorrow's TAKS test and the progress on our house. They're really not related. My life is eating me alive!

Tomorrow is the writing TAKS test for my little muffins. They are prepared, but they always insist on giving me a few sleepless nights and the threat of a heart attack or two in the preparation. Pray for a good writing prompt, alert kids, editing passages with grammar rules we've practiced a million times, and sanity for me since I have to circle around my classroom all day like a airplane in a perpetual landing pattern. No reading allowed. No computers allowed. No sitting allowed. No writing allowed. No talking allowed. No thinking allowed. Thank you, standardized testing.


We are super excited about our house! It is going up so quickly. I believe the last house pictures I posted were of DIRT, so you will be quite amazed at the transformation! Below are pictures from the last two weeks. (We visit our baby each weekend.) We are scheduled to move in at the end of April! Isn't she pretty???

Pictures from TWO weeks ago: Brent on our patio
Our kitchen and breakfast area

Framed front of the house

Pictures from ONE week ago:
The kitchen and breakfast area

Bay window in the master bedroom

Front of the house - notice the brick, ready to go!
More to come when life slows down. When will that be?!


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