Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Thankful

To my wonderful husband on our anniversary...
I'm so thankful that the Lord led both of us to Texas A&M.
I'm so thankful I applied to Business Fellows and you did too.
I'm so thankful my first memories of you center around you being an amazing friend to me.
I'm so thankful we went on that double date to Houston (except we weren't each other's date!!)
I'm so thankful you waited on me. I was not very smart back then. But you were.
I'm so thankful you pursued me the way I had always dreamed of.
I'm so thankful you took me to the hospital that night I cut my foot and that you fed me Sprite and soup.
I'm so thankful you came on that ski trip where you (again) took care of me when I hurt myself (this is a re-occurring theme!)
I'm so thankful for your vast knowledge of the Bible and God and that you let that part of you shine.
I'm so thankful you came up with that ridiculous analogy about pants and closets when we were apart during your internships.
I'm so thankful your PwC internship was not very exciting, because that left you free to email me ten times a day.
I'm so thankful you invited me to Houston and took me to Churrasco's.
I'm so thankful you gave me the confidence to be a teacher and believed that I could do it and was not, in fact, crazy.
I'm so thankful for the oddest but best graduation present ever - a Houston TollTag, asking me to move to Houston and be close to you.
I'm so thankful you helped me move all of my college junk and even let me store it in your apartment while I slept on my cousin's couch and learned how to be a teacher.
I'm so thankful you took care of everything I needed even when we were dating - you helped me find an apartment and made sure I was safe and settled.
I'm so thankful you made the trip from College Station to Houston EVERY weekend for an entire year.
I'm so thankful you would stay and eat pizza with me on Sunday nights, even though it meant you would get back to College Station so late at night.
I'm so thankful you still wanted to marry me even after listening to me cry about teaching every night my first year.
I'm so thankful you planned the most extravagant, special, memorable, and magical engagement a girl could ever ask for.
I'm so thankful you are an amazing steward of our resources so we can do things that really matter to us.
I'm so thankful you are a fantastic dog daddy to our little Blazer and you love him like crazy even though you thought you wanted a lab.
I'm so thankful you have always provided us with an amazing place to live.
I'm so thankful to share this cute little house in Humble with the best husband in the world.
I'm so thankful you love me all the time, even when I'm not lovable.
I'm so thankful you work so hard every single day to lead our family and provide for me.
I'm so thankful you don't raise your eyebrows (too much) at my grocery or Target bills.
I'm so thankful I get to spend my whole life with you.

I'm so thankful you chose me.

Here's to the happiest four years ever and at least eighty-four to come!



STYLED: the how to's said...
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STYLED: the how to's said...

Love it!

Happy Anniversary!!!!


Julia said...

I'm so thankful I know exactly what a marriage should look like because of you two. And I will wait patiently for THAT!

Vicky said...

This, of course, is my favorite of all your blogs! I thank my God every day for you.

thekingpin68 said...

'I'm so thankful for your vast knowledge of the Bible and God and that you let that part of you shine.'

Quite important. All the best with life and your blog.:)

Russ (Blogger next blog)


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