Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cutest Invitation Ever

One of the things Brent and I love about our neighborhood is the people. We have never really lived in a place where you get to know your neighbors until now. We were looking forward to making new friends in the neighborhood, and we were amazed at how friendly everyone was when we moved in. In fact, funny story... the first weekend we moved in, we got so many invitations that we ended up going to two get-togethers in one night. We got home around 10:00, and no sooner had we closed our front door, the doorbell rang. You should have seen the looks on our faces. It was another neighbor asking us to come over and have a beer. We went, and we came back exhausted. I think I said, "I don't know if I can HANDLE living in this neighborhood!" Haha... While it has calmed down since then, we are still very grateful for the friends we have made.

Around Christmastime, we met a great Aggie couple, Josh and Cassie. Cassie and I immediately hit it off since we are both teachers. On our Christmas break, we decided to start a supper club in our neighborhood. We decided that once a month, a couple would host a themed dinner in their home and other couples would bring appetizers, deserts, and drinks to match the theme. We've had a great time so far! Tonight we're having supper club at Cassie & Josh's house. About a week ago, I was out walking Blazer. When I got home, Brent was like, "You are not going to BELIEVE what Cassie brought over!" He proceeded to show me the cutest invitation ever. Cassie decided on a "Burger Bash" theme, so she put together this precious invitation followed by a cute little menu where we got to choose our burger.

As if that wasn't enough... the invitation also included this adorable little box with a mini hamburger in it!!! Brent truly thought it was a REAL hamburger. I took one look at it, and I was like, "No... this is a CUPCAKE!" Y'all, she had made a cupcake look like a real hamburger. She went so far as to dye coconut green to look like lettuce! I'm sure it was good, but I didn't even get to try it. Brent consumed it in two bites and declared, "I could definitely have another." Don't you think they are the cutest invitations ever? What in the heck am I going to do when it's my turn to host?!



Tiffany said...

Super cute! She's giving bradley a run for her money! Bradley made something like that for her dad for father's day last year...conmplete with sugar cookies sliced and bakes to resemble french fries....hard core!!

We have been doing dinner club for two years with a similar structure. Everyone has done really cute things. Call me or e-mail me and I'll give you some great ideas!! XOXO

Elicia said...

Wow that is adorable! What fun neighbors. Thank you for your sweet note about Dodger. It means a lot. :)

I think Emily Kretz and I saw your parents walking the other day. Does your mom look just like Julia? (or the other way I around I should say)

Dominique Adele DuBois said...

hey katie, wendy's friend, dominique, here. i came across your blog when i was looking at wendy's. after reading your post about your neighborhood and seeing the hamburger that looks like a cupcake, i am gonna need to know where you live so that i can move there. it sounds soooo great. that is awesome you have such cool neighbors. and how did that girl know how to make a cupcake look just like a hamburger???

Cassandra said...

I am the neighbor that made the cupcake! Thanks Katie for including me on such a sweet note. I googled hamburger cupcake and found all kinds of photos. I combined ideas and made them! It was actually very easy and way fun! PS- Katie and Brent are the best neighbors!

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