Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Workouts in 31 Days

Happy October! It's time to break out the fall wreath, buy some pumpkins, have a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, and... Workout!! That's right. Today I'm issuing a challenge for myself and all of my blogging friends:

31 Workouts in 31 Days!

There are several reasons why you should join me in this challenge:

  • Any extra exercise you do now will allow you to go into the holiday season at your best, so you can have that extra slice of pie or serving of mashed potatoes (or both. let's be honest.)

  • October is finally COOL, so you don't have to do every workout at the gym. You can vary your workouts with walks and runs and fun outside things and not die from a heatstroke while doing them, which is a bonus.

  • If you succeed in working out every day this month (and you will), going back to regular 3-5 day a week workouts will seem EASY!

  • Things always get busy in October, but if you take on this challenge, you have a ready-made excuse to leave work right on time - you have to go work out!

Here are my rules for the challenge, but you can make up your own rules if you'd like:

  1. Any kind of exercise counts - walking, running, gym, cardio, weights, yoga, pilates...

  2. You should aim for 45 minutes per workout, but 30 minutes will do in a pinch.

  3. All 30 or 45 minutes do not have to be done at once. You could do 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there.

  4. You don't have to work out EVERY day - you just need to get in 31 workouts in 31 days. So if you miss a day, all hope is not lost. You'll just have to find a day when you could double up - maybe a walk before work and gym in the evening? Or you could just kick your own butt for an hour-long workout, which could technically count as two 30 minute workouts - and you're back on track!
The main goal is for me to get back into a routine because let me tell you - September was no good... no good at all. However, I'm feeling optimistic about October!! We're going to make it happen!!

I've added a gadget to the right side of my blog where I'm going to update my daily workouts so you can keep me accountable and track along with me. You can see that I've already tracked my October 1st workout!

Will you commit to doing 31 workouts in 31 days with me? Why not post on your blog about your commitment? Leave a comment if you're with me!! (...And even if you're not with me, leave a comment because I still love you. Lots of you are having babies and having babies is a pretty good excuse, so all you mamas out there are off the hook for now.)

Time to load up the iPod...



Anonymous said...

I'm with you Katie! I'll add a tab at the top of my blog to keep track of my workouts, and forward this post along to my friends :-)

Lee said...

I am with you Katie. I started the day by lifting up a donut with my right hand followed by lifting up a coffee with my left hand. I hope by the end of next week I lift TWO donuts with my right and have a coffee and OJ in my left....I kid! YOU GO COUZ!

Liz said...

You are good! Way to motivate yourself and others!! I will not be working out with you for 31 days but if you do it again in January, I'm THERE. :)

Jeff and Liz Mazzolini said...

You go girl! I didn't read until today (the 2nd) and I think I would just be too far behind if I started today :) (That is what I'm telling myself)

Tiny's Treats said...

Katie, Great minds think alike. I was already thinking I need to step it up in October, especially since September was not good at all and I have a trip to Belize in December and will need a bikini body.

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