Monday, March 14, 2011

So You Loved The Luxe...

Did you love The Luxe? If you're like the kids at my school library, when you read a good book you want another one just like it. While it can be kind of annoying when kids beg me every single day for more books about gangs, I have to admit I'm kind of the same. Although I don't love books about gangs, I do love certain other kinds of books, and I can't seem to get enough. Namely, I can't get enough historical romance and dystopian books. That's right... they're not even close to being similar categories, but I love them both. So for all you Luxe lovers, here are some books just like it. Tomorrow I'll offer suggestions to all you Hunger Games lovers.

So you like The Luxe... Wait, you haven't read The Luxe??? Stop. Close the blog. Proceed to Barnes & Noble. Purchase The Luxe. Read it. (It won't take long.)

OK, you're back! And you loved it, right? Well now you'll need to read the next three books in the series. Duh.

OK, done with those? Now you want more, right? But there is no more. Sad. Email Anna Godberson. I'm truly jealous of you if you haven't read them yet. However, she has started a new series:

Once you've finished Bright Young Things, you can get to work on all the other great historical romances out right now!

Happy reading!



Liz said...

WHOO HOO!!!!! And I can't wait for the Hunger Games suggestions, I ADORED those. Read all three in four days.

Elicia said...

OOooh, I love new books. Can't wait to check all of these out. And a huge hunger games fan too! Thanks Katie! :)

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