Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pretty Sure Our Moms are the Best.

Happy Mother's Day to the best mom I know!!
Thank you for:
Staying home with me for 18 years
Coming to every field trip, PTA meeting, gymnastics meet, t-ball game, choir concert, school musical, and honors society ceremony
Writing excellent scripts for any and all occasions
Being a Girl Scout leader
Cooking dinner every night (except Sunday!) for 18 years
Checking my homework every day
Making my lunches for school every day for 12 years
Babying me when I was sick and giving me microwave pizza and Chinese food
Buying me books whenever I wanted them
Pushing me to try out for things I didn't think I'd make
Planning sweet birthday parties
Helping me move like a million times since graduation
Setting an example of what a great teacher looks like
Keeping an immaculate house without the help of a maid. Ever.
Taking me to church
Giving me sympathy when I need it
Sending me random $100 bills in the mail even today
Always giving Brent and I grace, understanding, space, encouragement, and mercy
Being my over-the-phone therapist

Happy Mother's Day to the best mother-in-law I know!

Thank you for:
Accepting me into your family as one of your own
Loving me from the very first time we met and Brent & I were not even dating
Bringing me chicken and soup when I was sick and had just started dating Brent
Letting me come to your house to drink wine, eat dinner, and grade papers my first year of teaching
Helping me move all of my college stuff to Houston
Coming to my classroom to catalog books in my library
Reading my blog and being my own personal blog marketing agent
Including me in every family tradition, party, and shower
Taking care of your grand-doggie Blazer any time we go out of town and leaving lipstick on his head
Being excited for everything Brent & I do
Praying for me
Taking me out for random lunches and dinners
Rescuing me with a credit card when I ran out of gas without my wallet
    Mom & Vicky, I appreciate you!!!



    Dana said...

    You do have an amazing mother! I'm glad Darrell can call her his mother-in-law!

    Your mother-in-law looks pretty amazing too! :)

    Hope you're doing well!

    Tiffany said...

    Precious!! Happy Mother's day Mrs. Bacardi-Lemmon! You are so precious and I hope you feel loved and celebrated! And Happy mother's Day, Vicky! We are lucky, lucky women to have married into amazing families! And love you, Blazer's mommy! :) He's so lucky to have you as his furr-mom. Love you.

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