Thursday, June 23, 2011

Target Treasures

My two favorite things to do on days off are: (1) Wander the aisles of Hobby Lobby and (2) Wander the aisles of Target. Today I chose Target. I figure I've been working hard and I deserved it. I went into Target to get a rubber mat to go beneath a rug to hold it in place. I fully intended to be in and out in five minutes.

But then I got to thinking... I have nowhere to be right now, and I could just check out the clothes & shoes since I have some spending money from Brent. So I gave myself permission to wander, look, and try on to my heart's content. It was PURE HEAVEN. I'm not entirely sure how much time I spent in Target today, and I'm not sure I want to know... but it was decidedly more than five minutes.

I may or may not have left with 4 pairs of shoes, two dresses, a skirt, and three tops for UNDER $175 total. I'm not kidding people. Get to Target!! I found a treasure trove of cute stuff, and I wanted to share my finds with you. If you share my love for Target, read on and then seriously go there ASAP. Nothing on this post is over $30!!!!

Find #1: Mossimo Pilar Wedges
Exhibit A: Via Cardorna wedges from Anthropologie for $140. Super cute, right?

Exhibit B: Mossimo Pilar Wedges from Target for $30. Call me crazy, but I like the Target ones BETTER! I love the brown color and the zip up the back. They are adorable on. I will henceforth be wearing these with EVERYTHING.

Find #2: Xhilaration Tashi Sandals: So comfy and cute. They really do look expensive and will go with everything for summer.
Find #3: Merona Mena Pumps: I love the brown croc. I have been buying heels from Nine West forever, and they fall apart so quickly! I have some brown ones that have been repaired twice now, so forget it... I like these!! They will be great for work with pants.

Find #4: Mossimo Versie Pumps: I LOVE these. They have a high heel but not too crazy, and the shiny patent leather is super pretty. They are comfy! These are also replacing a black Nine West pair on its very last legs. RIP Nine West. I might be done with you.
Find #5: Mossimo Racerback Tanks: I bought two of these: One in plain white and one in purple stripe. They are looser fitting and not skin-tight. Also I like that they are longer tanks.
Find #6: Xhilaration Kimono Top: This picture does not do it justice, but this is actually a really pretty top. With a tank top underneath and paired with the blue skirt below or white pants as shown here, I think I would wear this to work.

Find #7: Mossimo Chambray Skirt: This is a perfectly fitting, stretchy, denim-looking nice skirt. It's got adorable pockets, sits low on the hips, and is just the right length. Pair this with those Pilar wedges from up top...

Find #8: Mossimo Pleated Zip Back Dress: This is one of my favorite finds. This dress is AWESOME. It is soft and stretchy, yet looks nice and tailored. The front is cute and simple and would look great with fun earrings or a big necklace. The pleating is so flattering - it's better on than on the hanger. It also comes in black, teal, and orange, but I thought I could keep it simple for work with grey and add color with shoes and jewelery.
... and this is the best part... the back!! It has this over-sized black zipper that I am in love with.
Find #9: Xhilaration Braided Strap Dress: This dress was on clearance for $17!! It fits nicely and has a cute shape. It also has perfectly placed pockets and would look fabulous with a cardigan for dinner or a party.
There were so many other cute things I saw, but I had to stop somewhere, and I'll let you discover them on your own. Wandering around Target and buying cute, inexpensive clothes and shoes will cure whatever ails you... Guaranteed.


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Jeff and Liz Mazzolini said...

I got the grey one a couple weeks ago and LOVE it! I have it on in some pictures on my blog ;)

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