Monday, August 15, 2011

August Obsessions

Top ten things I currently can't live without:

1. NYC Eyeshadow in "Chelsea Chic"
I am loving this eyeshadow I picked up at Target. It's perfect for summer since all the shades are light and shimmery. I'm usually not a fan of colored eyeshadow, but the light green in this set is lovely! It's not 80s at all and looks good with brown eyes. At less than $3, it's a deal.
2. Pantry Door Organization
I attached some thin cork boards to the inside of our pantry door to serve as an organization station. The door contains: exercise calendars, restaurant list, business cards, receipts, calendars, notes, and instructions for dog CPR (duh).
3. Cleaning Schedule
Also included in the pantry organization system is my daily cleaning schedule. Up until now, I have been pretty spoiled since we've had a bi-weekly maid help us clean our house when we were both working like crazy. However, now I'm home all day and Brent is in school full time, so I don't really have a good excuse (or really any excuse) to have a maid. Maid out. Katie in. I truly hate wasting all day Saturday cleaning the entire house. So I decided to break my cleaning into small daily chunks. I'm happy to say that I've been sticking to the schedule so far, and it's not bad at all. My daily chores take 30 minutes or less usually, and it's easy to motivate myself when I can say, "I just have to do this ONE task, then I'm done!" If I do this every week, we'll have a clean house year-round. Notice that there is no task at all for Saturday. :-)
4. Sea Island Cotton
This is an oldie but a goodie at Bath & Body works. I've been having my nightly bath with a little Sea Island bubbles, and it is fantastic! The smell is crisp, clean, light, and perfect for summer.
5. Chobani Black Cherry Yogurt
About this time last year, I discovered Greek yogurt, and I never looked back. I had a Fage obsession for a really long time. Then, in NYC, I tried Chobani. Love. I kind of like it better than Fage (sorry, Fage). I like how the fruit is already mixed in for you. The black cherry kind is to die for. If you use your imagination, it almost tastes like dessert. I sprinkle a little granola on top and call it breakfast. Fat free, double protein... yes, please.
6. Cute Containers for Everyday Items
Do I really NEED a cute glass container for my Tide laundry detergent? Well, no... not exactly, but I sure do WANT one! I picked up this glass canister from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and I made the simple label using Microsoft Word. I'm not going to lie that it really, truly makes my laundry room look cuter, and it makes laundry kind of fun. I love it sitting here on my washer instead of the big orange box. The possibilities are endless for other things you could do this with........ It's the little things, people.
I have a problem. An obsession. An addiction. I need help. I LOVE NOTEBOOKS. Like, LOVE. But not just any notebooks. They have to be cute, colorful, and modern. Now is the best time of year when all the stores pull out all the stops on their school supplies. I may or may not have purchased five notebooks from Target. How can you pass them up at $2 a pop??? My desire to do work just increased by about 250%. Seriously. TELL ME that this notebook isn't completely adorable. It's from the "Green Room" line at Target. Of course I had to make a label for it in coordinating colors. Isn't that font the best? It's called "Chantel" and it's free from!
For full disclosure, here are the five notebooks I really did buy. Now to fill them...
8. Pinterest
I did not understand Pinterest at first, but suddenly, I GOT IT. This is the coolest website ever. It's also addicting. Anytime I'm on my phone now, Brent rolls his eyes and says "What's new on Pinterest?" haha. It's a little crazy. I love this quote about Pinterest I found, well, on Pinterest! It's hilarious because it's true. You can see my Pinterest page here.

9. Sparkling Water
It's been years since I drank soft drinks. I finally discovered that I love the carbonation, so a sparking water does the same thing for me. I'm obsessed with sparking water. My drink of choice is usually LaCroix, but I also love Ozarka, San Pellegrino, or even club soda. I've had a LaCroix for lunch just about every day for a year. You can buy it at the regular grocery store, and it has no calories, no sugar, and no sodium. It comes in unflavored, lime, lemon, grapefruit, berry, and orange. My favorite is the lime shown below. In NYC, I craved sparkling water like crazy. I would stop at shops on the street to buy a bottle because I couldn't go one more step in the heat without it. It's that good.
10. Light Blue Perfume
I've never really been a perfume person. I mean, I wore GAP's "Heaven" in 7th grade like everyone else, but not much beyond that. This last Christmas, my mother-in-law bought me my first big girl perfume... Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. I'm loving it! It's perfect for summer too, because it's really light and fresh.
Those are my current obsessions. What are you loving right now?



Tiny's Treats said...

I love chobani too! I haven't seen the black cherry in Houston but sounds divine. My favorite is the pineapple.

Kate said...

You quite possibly could be the cutest thing ever. I have a house-cleaning schedule, but I haven't stuck to it. You are motivating me to try again! I am not going to lie that I almost wait with bated breath for your blog posts-- you never fail. I get wonderful recipes, inspiring stories, and the coolest product recommendations!

And I am obsessed with Pinterest, too. At first I was a little embarrassed at the amount of time it was taking up, but it is so inspiring! I have one project down, and many to come because of Pinterest!

Shayla said...

I'm also a big fan of sparkling water because it makes me feel fancy, especially the San Pellegrino kind in the cute green bottle.

I feel like you are my long lost twin with your organized lists, calendars, and labels. We should totally be sister wives!

Nicki said...

what a fun post! I will be trying that eye shadow!

Liz said...

I totes wear D&G Light Blue... love it. I also love that you are still taking your nightly bubble baths. OBVIOUSLY. (And I have that "flavor" of hand lotion by my bed.)

AND... I adore notebooks. I may have to get some new ones myself. Love the Detergent container, too. Good grief. I need some things now myself.

OH... and I got your email. And I bought okra and cornmeal today! YUMMINESS HERE I COME.

Tiffany said...

I wore Light Blue in college. :) Loved it. And woo-to-the-hoo for cute containers for laundry detergent. My laundry room is in serious need of a makeover. I'm the lucky recipient of a front loading washer & dryer. I pick them up next weekend so I'm in the gathering stages for ways to "cuten" up the laundry room. Love this!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i need to have a board that like that lists the chores each day so my house remains clean each week!

Jess- said...

Katie - thanks for the inspiration for the daily cleaning focus list. I just made a kitchen command center and add it! It can get overwhelming to keep things clean! I love this idea.

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