Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Chic Gift Ideas

There is a place here in Durham that has quickly become one of my favorite spots:  Parker & Otis.  There is nothing not to love about this place - they have EXCELLENT food for breakfast & lunch, and it's a combo store / pantry / restaurant.  The store is unbelievably cute with all the best gift-y things under the sun - stuff for home, kitchen, bath, and baby.  Yes, please.  

To give you an idea of how "me" this store is, the first time we went into Parker & Otis, Brent stopped in his tracks and had a horrified look on his face.  He said simply, "Oh, crap."  haha!  That's how worried he was that I would go on a spending spree.  {You'll be happy to know that I didn't spend a dime that first time I was there.  I know you're as proud of me as I was.}

Today I went in to buy a birthday gift, and I had to literally pull myself away from the displays.  Then I got a great idea - what if I went on a pretend shopping spree and shared my finds with you, dear reader?  If you need a gift for anyone this fall, I'm pretty sure one of these items will be a hit.  I know you don't have Parker & Otis where you live (poor you!), so I've linked you directly to the source of the cuteness.  And if anyone wants to buy me a gift, well...

To start, let's talk about how much we love these vintage/modern bird print melamine plates.  I am just smitten with this print, and I especially would love the big oval platter in the upper left corner.  How great would that be to serve family-style dinners?  And p.s. don't even get me started on those little plates with the eggs on them. 
There is nothing quite like a good thank you card.  My mama taught me well, and I have written a thank you note for most gifts I've received in my life.  Writing thank yous is easier when there is cute stationary involved!  I just about died over this collection of embossed thank you cards from Smock.  OMG.  Wait till you click on that link.  You're going to want them all.  Sorry... it's not my fault they are so darn cute!!
Do I need baby clothes?  Absolutely not.  Do I want to buy them?  Yes.  I just think this owl print playsuit from Dwell Studio is adorable.  If you are a Chi-O and your baby doesn't have this, I think you should probably resolve that ASAP :-)
These Le Cruset mini-gratin dishes are just begging to be taken home to live in my cabinet.  I'm not entirely sure what I would make to put in here, but I assure you I would figure it out.  They are sized for individual dinner guests, go straight from the oven to the table, and let's chat about how stinkin' cute these fall colors are.  I'm thinking two of each color?  Let me know if you agree. 
There is a company called Apple & Bee, and they make the most precious environmentally sustainable bags.  I am in love with this lovehearts cosmetic bag!
... Speaking of cute bags... If I'm going to shop Apple & Bee, I'm going to go ahead and pick up this precious lovebirds tote as well.  I would be the most stylish chica at the grocery store, no?
Every time I go to Parker & Otis, I admire these clay cheese markers.  How chic would these look on your next cheese plate?  They are handmade and hand painted with cute polka dots and stripes on the back.  They are made by a clay artist named Rae Dunn, and he has some super cute stuff on his website.  Check it out!
I am obsessed with beautiful, graphic, modern fabric.  If only I could sew.... I'd have my whole house covered in this stuff.  The next best thing is these darling dish towels and napkins from Hen House Linens.  I wouldn't mind a few of these hanging off my oven just about now.

Thanks for pretend shopping with me!!


Jessica said...

You would make homemade macaroni and cheese deliciousness in those mini gratin dishes...and it would be amazing.

Liz said...

omg i die and die and die. I want ALL of this!!!

Kate said...

The "oh crap" comment from Brent made me laugh out loud! That's probably what Zach would say! Love all of the stuff! Toooo cute!

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