Sunday, January 22, 2012

Valentine's Crafting Spree

1 mega-pack of Valentine scrapbook paper
+ Styrofoam wreaths & balls
+ 100 felt squares
+ 2 packages yarn
+ ribbon
+ doilies
+ 3 episodes of Biggest Loser
+ 2 episodes of The Bachelor
+ scissors, tape, glue, & pins
Happy Katie!

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite holiday in our family since my mama's birthday is February 14th!  Growing up, Valentine's Day was a big deal, and I think that's why I like it so much now.
Last week, I went on an all-out Valentine's crafting spree.  Pinterest was inspiring me left and right with Valentine's crafts, and I couldn't choose, so I made them all.  Brent was out of town three nights this week on interviews.  Armed with a glue gun, a glass of wine, and a full DVR, I got to crafting.

Candle Holders:  mason jars, doilies, felt, & yarn
{inspiration here}
Wreathstyrofoam ring, felt, pins, & ribbon
{inspiration & tutorial here}
Felt Flowersstyrofoam balls, felt, & pins
{i loved the wreath so much, i created these flower balls using the same technique}
Valentine Frameold frame with glass taken out, scrapbook paper, & adhesive glitter letters
{inspiration here}
Heart Banner:  scrapbook paper, glue, & ribbon
{inspiration here}
Lovebird Art:  cheap frame, scrapbook paper, & glue
{inspiration here}
Argyle Hearts Wreath:  styrofoam wreath, yarn, pins, & felt
{inspiration here}
Heart Tree: white vase, branches, & heart ornaments (from Michaels)
{i saw these ornaments and got the idea of a rustic Valentines tree centerpiece}
Just in case you need more inspiration to decorate for Valentines Day, here's a conversation that happened at our house last night:

B:  Oh, by the way... I made reservations at ____ (fave restaurant) for Valentine's Day!
K:  What?  Seriously?!  Like you already called and made a reservation?
B:  Yep.
K:  That was so incredibly sweet of you. Thank you!  Wow.  You are like the best husband ever.
B:  I know.
K:  Did the Valentine's decorations make you think of it?
B:  Yeah, I guess they kinda did.  I was like, "Oh, I guess she wants to celebrate Valentine's this year!"

:-)  Love him.

Happy early birthday, Mom!  I think of you when I look at all my new Valentine's decor!


Liz said...

WOW! I was showing Daniel ALLLLLL of your decorations. You are amazing! And when I read the bottom convo, I said "did you read this?" he said... "Uh yeah! Pretty sure he got the hint!" Hilarious. You're so impressive and awesome. Love it all. :)

Mindy Rives said...

Katie...were did you find the heart shaped doilies? I don't want to search all over Dallas for them! Thanks! Love all your crafts!

ERaggett said...

Totally Inspired...craft store, here I come!! :)

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