Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seeing Stripes

Stripes are in, people.  You can't look very far at any store without getting an eyeful of striped tops, skirts, dresses, and scarves.  I am loving the trend, especially with spring coming up.  The other day I went in search of affordable (cheap) striped cuteness.  At one point I did have to tell myself (out loud):  "NO MORE STRIPES" when I realized that literally everything I had in the dressing room with me was striped in some way.  Let's face it: If you're not wearing stripes, you're not cool.  :-)  Here I have for you, dear reader, a collection of savvy stripe options ($32 or less) and more splurge-worthy striped pieces, um, above $32.  Happy shopping!

Savvy Stripes

Target Mossimo Supply Jersey Dress
($18! SUPER comfy and flattering... hello summer)
{shop here}

Old Navy Black & White Striped Dress ($16!)
(at $16, you can get one in every color)
{shop here}

Old Navy Striped Maxi ($29!)
(love the subtle chevron pattern)
{shop here}

Old Navy Bright Striped Shift ($32!)
(with leggings, boots, and a sweater to finish up winter?)
{shop here}

Old Navy Yellow Cap Sleeve Dress ($25!)
(this screams summer, and I love that it's not too short... i'm going to replace that tie with a cute belt)
{shop here}

Ann Taylor Loft Red Striped Tee ($29!)
(goes with anything and could be layered)
{shop here}

Splurge-Worthy Stripes

Ann Taylor Loft Striped Trench
(bright and cheery for a rainy day)
{shop here}

J.Crew Boatneck Popover (...and I'll take the pink pants, too.  Thanks.)
(um... do you see the mini-pockets?  so cute I don't care that they are pointless)
{shop here}

Banana Republic Striped One-Button Cardigan
(i would wear this on every plane ride ever plus every weekend)
{shop here}

Nordstrom Eliza J Dress
(spring wedding, anyone?)
{shop here}

Anthropologie Otta Dress
(not exactly stripes, but stripe-y and still adorable)
{shop here}


Kate Cottrell said...

I miss shopping in the U.S.!!! I need cheap stores like H&M, Old Navy and Gap!
P.S. I am loving your blog. :)

Maria said...

I LOVE stripes too much; I think I may have a problem! These dresses are so cute- especially the ones from Old Navy. Great style, great blog :)

Marisa Frizzell said...

I totally bought the Old Navy black and white striped dress the other day. Love the stripes! I thought of you when I was checking out- literally everything I bought was striped!

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