Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer is Here!

Summer is here, y'all!  I'm excited that I'll be enjoying summer from Illinois where it's cooler than 110 degrees, thankyouverymuch.  Here are a few things getting my summer off to a fun start!

Essie Summer Collection
If you ask me, Essie's summer collection is just plain adorable, and a fresh way to update darker nail shades.  I'm especially loving that blue color - called "bikini so teeny".

Sunbeam Igloo Shaved Ice Machine
This cutie is $24 at Target, and I couldn't resist.  Sure, it's a uni-tasker, and sure, Brent is lamenting about yet another appliance to move, but a perfect shaved ice snow cone on a hot afternoon is SO worth it.  It shaves ice cubes right out of your freezer into snow-cone stand quality.  Then pour on syrup, concentrated Crystal Light, or fruit juice, and you're good to go!

Revlon Lip Butter
I am loving this moisture-rich, shiny balm.  It's like chapstick but with summery color.  I have "Fig Jam", and it's bright and beautiful.
The Webster for Target
When I first heard about "The Shops" at Target, I put it on my calendar so as not to miss it like I did with Missoni.  I went on day 1 and may or may not have bought 5 pieces.  I LOVE them.  If there are still some pieces at your Target, check it out!  Chic and cheap.

Crystal Light Mocktails
Sure, you love a good margarita, but maybe not at noon.  Enter... mocktails.  I love Crystal Light in the summer, and these new flavors are so fun!  The mojito is pretty good - nice and minty.

Salsa Picante
This recipe for homemade salsa from Cooking Light is A-mazing.  Addicting.  Brent and I ate a very large bowl in one sitting with crispy chips.  It's made with canned tomatoes, but it tastes SO fresh!  It couldn't be easier - throw it in the food processor and press the button.  Find the recipe here.

Maxi Dresses
I want to live in maxi dresses.  I have one that I call my "pajama dress" because you can literally feel like you're going out in your pajamas and still look polished.  Most of the maxis I have are older or sold out, but I took the liberty of finding a good option for you.  Here's an adorable maxi from Old Navy for $27.  Yes, please.
Hydrangeas are my favorite flower.  I can not believe my good luck that we are renting a house with about 6 very large hydrangea plants in the yard!  My neighbor and I clip flowers to our heart's desire, and they really brighten up a room.  If you don't have hydrangeas in your yard, sorry, but you can pick some up at the store!  Here are the bushes in my yard... be still my heart.

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