Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Personal Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming soon, y'all!  As a new mom, I thought I'd post a mother's day gift guide.  These are all things I'd love to receive myself!  The gift ideas in this list are all personalized.  Sure, you can give a candle or a card, but what about something that's personalized for your very own mom and no one else?  Maybe it's the southern girl in me, but I love a good monogram.  There's just something special about receiving a gift with your name on it.  It gives the gift a little more meaning because the gifter spent time personalizing it just for you.  

Since these gifts are personalized, you'll want to order ASAP to get them in time.  If you can't get them in time for Mother's Day, you could always save these ideas for mom's birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just a random Tuesday!

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1.  Initial Necklace ::  E Ria Designs on Etsy
I think these little necklaces are so sweet.  I think moms would love to wear their children's names close to their heart.  I love this delicate gold version. You can choose to add as many or as few letters as you want.  This would be great for kids or grandkids!

2. Personalized Card  ::  Treat is a new brand from an old favorite, Shutterfly.  Treat allows you to create and send personalized greeting cards for any occasion like birthdays and Mother's Day.   If you're going to send a card, why not make it personalized?  Treat will print your card with your mom's picture, your personalized message, and mom's name for as low as $1.99.  They even send the card for you!  Your mom will feel special when she gets a personalized card and everyone else gets a generic one from the card store!  Such a cute idea!

3.  Photo Canvas:  Canvas On Demand
What mom wouldn't want a huge picture of their little munchkin hanging in their home?  I know I'm going to get one (or ten) of these as soon as we move into our new home.  The gallery wrapped canvases are sleek and professional looking, and you can get them online for reasonable prices.  Search around online for coupons and deals.  I see them all the time!

4.  Personalized Notebook  ::  May Books
 I have a May Book myself, and I have gifted a few more.  They have a TON of designs to choose from and many different monogram styles.  They offer everything from a basic notebook to a baby book to a meal planner.  All of their designs are chic and modern with trendy colors.  Mom's to-do list just got a lot more fun!

5.  Personalized Melamine Tray  ::  Little Details NC on Etsy
How perfect are these trays for a summer pool party?  I can just see the tropical drinks, burgers, and watermelon slices now.  Plus... they are unbreakable, so they are perfect for outdoor use.  I'm pretty sure I need more than one.

6.  Instagram Magnets  ::  Stickygram
Even if your mom has never heard of Instagram, wouldn't she LOVE a pack of magnets with pictures of her kids and grandkids?  I think this is a precious idea and so fun.  Each pack comes with nine little square magnets.  You email them your instagrams, and they print the magnets!

7.  Disposable Monogrammed Coasters ::  Neiman Marcus
I love these and think they are so classy.  They are perfect for a cocktail party or just drinks with friends.  Plus, it's probably one of the most affordable things you can buy at Neiman Marcus!  I love the acrylic holder, too!

8.  Personalized Photobook ::  Shutterfly
I am in love with Shutterfly photo books.  They are super fun and easy to make, plus they are completely customized and surprisingly affordable.  If you're not the creative type, Shutterfly will create a photo book for you for free!  Just upload your pictures, and they will be added to a photobook layout instantly.  The possibilities are endless, and they make awesome gifts.  You can make one book of baby pictures and send it to both grandmothers with one click!

9.  Wooden Monogram  ::  Trendy Trimmings on Etsy
Where would this wooden monogram NOT look good?  Mom will love this for her front door, a party decoration, over the bed, in the nursery, in the kitchen... anywhere!

10.  Monogrammed Wine Glasses  ::  The Monogram Merchant
I am obsessed with stemless wine glasses.  They are so much easier and more casual then stemmed wine glasses.  With summer coming up, they are a less fussy way to serve wine.  And, as we all know by now, a little monogramming never hurt anything.

Happy gifting!


Shayla said...

Ha! Hint hint, Brent!!

These are seriously adorable ideas, Katie. This year I designed custom notecards for my moms and had them printed online. Totally going to pin this list for next year's gifts!

Andrea Stevens said...

Thank you so much for including my wooden monograms in your gift list! You had some really great items :))


Haley Chance said...

I love these ideas! I always have to rack my brain for ideas for Mother's Day. I just visited my sister-in-law in Alabama, and she introduced me to Origami Owl necklaces. You should check out their site. It's akin to a charm bracelet, but I love the way the necklace looks. I'm not even a mom, and I'm wanting one. :)

Maggie said...

My mom is always asking what Instagram is and wanting to see my pictures so (thanks to you) I ordered her the magnets for Mother's Day. Thanks for the great suggestion friend. I hope you have a wonderful first Mother's Day!

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