Monday, August 26, 2013

Winnie & Papa C Visit Iowa

A few weeks ago, my parents visited from Texas!  They were the first family to come visit, and we had a great time showing them our house, neighborhood, and town.  We did lots of fun things, but we pretty much did all there is to do in the Quad Cities!  We joked that the first time anyone comes to visit, it is super fun, but any subsequent times will be a little on the boring side since we've already done all there is to do!  Midway through my parents' visit, my sister flew in from Virginia to surprise them.  She and I had been planning it for weeks, but mom & dad were REALLY surprised.  We had to tell a great number of elaborate lies to make it happen, but the surprise remained in tact, and it was pretty fun.  Come visit again soon, Winnie, Papa C, and Aunt Julia!  Warning: Picture Overload.

Morning playtime with Papa C

Mom & Dad getting a John Deere factory tour

Play time with Winnie 

Visiting the John Deere Pavilion

Saturday morning at the Freight House Farmer's Market

Walking along the Mississippi

Downtown Davenport skybridge

Out for walks in the neighborhood.  Yes, our neighborhood is in a corn field.  You can't make this stuff up.

Being silly with Aunt Julia

A little backyard pool time

Out to dinner at Iowa Machine Shed 

Lots of snuggles

Showing off our "almost crawling" skills

And, just showing off in general!

Thanks to my mom and sister for taking all of these fabulous pictures!  I didn't even get out my camera since they are such great photographers!  We had a blast... come visit again soon!

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Haley Chance said...

There's some serious preciousness going on in this post. I love all the family pics! And I think if you're not living in a corn field, then are you really living in Iowa? :P

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