Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Mean, Really??

If you're free on Thursdays at 7pm (and who isn't?!), I've got a show for you. It is so ridiculous that I can't believe no one I know has blogged about it yet! You can watch the commercials and be satisfied, but the show itself is really a treat. I'm not sure what our culture is coming to, but I do enjoy a good laugh at someone else's expense. And you're lying if you say you don't.

The show is called "Hole in the Wall" on Fox. It is a game show that originated in Japan, so you know it will involve painful injuries, people falling down, and water pits. It does not disappoint. There are no voice-overs like those other Japanese shows we know and love, but the real people are so funny, there's no need for translation. Basically, there is this giant foam wall with cutouts in crazy shapes. The players stand on the edge of a pool and watch the wall come towards them. They have to shape their bodies to match the hole in the wall. If they shape themselves correctly, the wall goes right through them. If they don't, they shatter the wall and fall in the water. I mean who doesn't like to watch people falling down? The clip below is my personal favorite. On YouTube it is entitled "Oh Crap Woman". You may have seen it since it's had well over 100,000 hits. Classic. I laugh every time. Enjoy.



Wendy said...

So funny! It really is great that there are people out there who have a low threshold for embarrassment. Absolutely no self preservation skills what-so-ever. We will have to watch this show!

Josh and Jamie said...

The "oh crap!" is classic. Thanks for sharing - never seen that show!

Liz said...

I like that he said she made a "great effort." HA.

Tiffany said...

That is too funny. I have never seen this show.

Melissa said...

lol my husband and i were addicted... i had to stop watching because it made me so mad when someone couldn't figure out the shape...i'd scream at the tv... haha

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