Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spare Time

...I don't have much.

Apparently, my husband might.
Apparently, when you sleep on the same pillowcases for four years, they develop holes.
Apparently, when you wash the pillowcases every week for four years, the holes get bigger.
Apparently, these holes are just big enough for a cavapoo's legs.
Apparently, if the holes are positioned just right, you can fashion a dog toga.
Apparently, Blazer will be the best dressed dog at the next puppy frat party.

You think I'm kidding... This is how Blazer pranced into the living room tonight.



Katie Norwood said...


Vicky said...

I am not sure Blazer thinks his "Daddy" is that funny!

Josh and Jamie said...

Blazer doesn't look too proud of his Halloween costume, but add a belt and sandals and he's all set!

Tiffany said...

HILARIOUS! Get him a little ivy head wreath and you're all set. I know what Blazer's going to be for Halloween!!

Elicia said...

I really can't judge because I've put Dodger in many t-shirts over the years..

Blazer is a cutie!

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