Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome Fall!

Now that fall has arrived (technically, at least... forget that it's 90 degrees in Houston), I decided that the Norwood Nest should reflect the change in seasons. I love fall - the cooler temperature, homey food, and looking forward to all the best holidays. Please note that I'm not decorating for Halloween, as this is an important distinction to make. I'm not a big fan of Halloween. You won't find any dancing skeletons on my front door, paper ghosts hanging from my trees, or witch hand candy dishes on my counter. (I do apologize to those of you who I just offended.) Anyway, I perused a few blogs to get some fall decorating ideas, and I came up with some things that I'm really enjoying! It is nice to come home to my fall-ish house with my Woodwick candle burning every night. Yay, home. See what you think!



Claire said...

My favorite is the pumpkin candlestick combo. Very cute. And of course, anything to do with Blazer:)

Elicia said...

That's my favorite too...I need some pumpkins!

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