Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brent's Bistro

Tonight is my last night in NYC. It has been a wonderful three weeks. I have learned a lot, had some fun, and proved to myself that I can indeed be a student again, live by myself again, and navigate the big city on my own. In all seriousness, these three weeks have been a dream come true, and I have often praised God for blessing me so abundantly and for giving me this life that I love. I have been reminded over and over that everything I have is from the Lord. He gives me more than enough, and my cup continually runs over. However, I am SO READY TO COME HOME!!!!! I can not WAIT to get home to the life God has for me in Houston. I want to have my husband with me all the time, be able to squeeze Blazer with all my might, sleep on a non-plastic mattress, and use my own kitchen! Oh.... the joy. I just.can't.wait.

I've been updating you on the goings-on here in NY, but I wanted to take a minute to update you on what was going on back on the home front. Since I cook every night for Brent, we were both a little worried about what he would eat while I was gone for three weeks. Brent can do about a million things better than me, but cooking isn't one of them. In order to make sure he didn't starve or survive on only Tombstone pizzas, I left him instructions and food for three weeks of "Brent's Bistro".

The "Brent's Bistro" menu included 12 entree choices complete with instructions for each. The pantry was stocked with copious amounts of canned soup, microwave rice, beans, cereal, pasta, and pasta sauce.
The top drawer of the freezer was stocked with 10 different kinds of frozen veggies.
The bottom drawer of the freezer was stocked with chicken, turkey, beef, hamburger buns, and (of course) Tombstone pizzas.
There have been a few mishaps along the way (apparently the directions on the taco seasoning packet are really confusing), but I think in general Brent has done a great job. Although, every time he calls and tells me he ate a baked potato because it was too hard to make something else, I feel so bad! I know that I am slacking on my duties as wife and keeper of the home, and that is hard for me. I really can't wait to make all your favorites once I get home, Brent! Just a little over 24 hours till I'm back in my beloved Texas. Yay!



Bella Broccoli said...
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Abbie said...

I am so impressed that you put together three weeks' worth of food! That's some serious planning. And I'm impressed that Brent was willing to try to cook. I'm pretty sure my husband would have made himself frozen pizza for three weeks. :-) Anyway, it doesn't count as slacking in your duties, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back, Katie! Can't wait to hear about the trip on Tuesday! You are a better wife than I am!!!

Jennifer Husser

Kate and Zach said...

I spy Haagen Dazs peach sorbet in your freezer. SO yummy! We must share a similar palate for sweets. I am so impressed! God blessed you with your fantastic cooking skills so you could provide for your sweet hubby. I know you missed him (and Blazer!) Welcome back!

Wendy and Luke said...

You are the BEST!

Tiny's Treats said...

Katie, Your freezer is so organized! Did it come with all those dividers? What model do you have I need to put it on my wishlist.

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