Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Snack

I committed the cardinal sin today by going to the grocery store hungry! I had a lot of food to buy since I've been gone for 3 weeks, so my shopping took a while. While I was shopping, I looked for a healthy snack that I could munch on in the car so that I didn't go crazy and eat everything in sight once I got home!

I've been eating a lot of nuts lately and they are such a good snack! I can eat a handful of walnuts and be full for hours - plus I feel like I'm doing something good for my heart. So when I saw these Sahale almonds, I knew I had found today's winner. They are so good, I deemed them blog-worthy. Each individual almond is glazed with a crisp coating of honey, chopped cranberries, sesame seeds, and a bit of sea salt. Yes, please! I'm always on the lookout for good salty/sweet snacks (you may remember the Fleur de Sel ice cream I was obsessed with along with many of my blogger friends - let us have a moment of silence for this ice cream that you can no longer purchase in stores.)

Anyway, I highly recommend the Sahale almonds, and I've heard that their other flavors are great, too! The package says it contains four servings, but strangely, mine only had two!


Kate and Zach said...

Loved the moment of silence for our beloved Fleur de Sel ice cream. Sad!!!

Abbie said...

Putting this on my grocery list!

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