Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seventy Years of Love

It seems that in this day in age, being married for twenty-five years is a feat. Thirty-five years... wow. Fifty years? Amazing! Heck, if we're talking about Hollywood, five years is cause for celebration. So what about SEVENTY years? This past weekend, we celebrated two momentous occasions. Brent's grandparents, Norman & Maureen, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. While we were at it, we also celebrated Norman's 90th birthday. It was a grand occasion.

Brent's grandparents' marriage has spanned the Great Depression all the way to today. Their marriage has produced two sons, five grandchildren, and seven great-gradnchildren. They have survived all of life's bumps, disappointments, and problems. All the while, they have kept a steadfast faith and loved eachother. You do not have to hang out with Norman for long before he will tell you in his Southern drawl: "Weeeelllll.... the Lord has blessed me. God is good." Brent and I have talked often about how they have been so clearly blessed by God. That blessing has been passed down through generations and we are now the recipients. What a strong, amazing legacy.

About 50 of their closest friends showed up for the party as well as the whole entire family. There were many teary eyes when we prayed and thanked God for the blessing of seventy years of marriage and ninety years of healthy life on this Earth. It was an amazing moment. We love you, Grammy and Grandad!

Wedding Picture: May 25, 1941

Greeting friends & family

Thanking God for His blessings
The Terry Norwood clan

Wedding cake!

Norman's 90th Birthday Cake (it had this cute little road with "road signs" for important points in his life)

My nephew Luke

A family built on 70 years of love



Emily said...

AMAZING!!! I love stories like this!!!

Tiffany said...

I love it!! What a precious celebration of a life well lived and an amazing marriage! They have set a wonderful example for their family for sure!

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