Monday, March 5, 2012

March Must-Haves

I've taken the liberty of rounding up ten things gauranteed to make your March amazing.

1.  Downton Abbey
If you haven't watched Downton Abbey yet... run, don't walk, to your Netflix or iTunes.  I don't like very many TV shows at all, but this one is just.plain.amazing. and one of my favorite shows ever.  Imagine a sumptuous, luxurious castle with rich sets and costumes.  Add incredible acting and zingers that will make you laugh out loud plus copious amounts of shocking drama.  This show is a major winner.  It's on PBS, so if being a nerd is wrong, I don't wanna be right!

2. A Spring Wreath
I'm becoming quite obsessed with having a wreath for every season.  After trolling Pinterest for ideas, I combined a few into my own spring wreath using a twig wreath, burlap, ribbon, silk flowers, and a little birdie (all from Michael's).

3.  40 Days of Prayer 
During this season of Lent, our church is participating in 40 days of prayer.  Summit Church is providing a free 40 Days of Prayer Guide that you can download on your computer or iPad.  Each day contains a scripture, short devotional, and prayer guide.  You can start anytime and don't even have to go in order.  Download it today and pray with me as we prepare for Easter!  Get your download HERE.

4.  Cover Girl Nature Luxe Foundation
I have been using tinted moisturizer for most of my life because I can't stand the feel of heavy foundation.  However, upon turning 30, I decided I should investigate some better coverage options.  I found this Cover Girl Nature Luxe, and I love it!  It's extremely silky and you truly can not feel it on.  It also covers well without looking caked.

5.  The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
This is a GREAT book I just finished!  It's a psychological thriller that turns paranormal at the end.  It's about a teenager, Mara, who wakes up in the hospital after a terrible accident that killed her three friends.  She has post traumatic stress disorder which causes her to hallucinate and not be able to tell what's real as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together and figure out what happened.  This is definitely a page-turner!  I highly enjoyed it.

6.  Quaker "Quakes"
My mom used to feed me rice cakes as a kid, and I seriously hated them.  They tasted like pressed sawdust.  Well, apparently in the last 20 years, there have been some breakthroughs in rice cake technology.  Brent & I are obsessed with these Quakes - especially the cheddar kind.  I sometimes crave cheddar chips, and these do the trick perfectly.  They are very crispy, light as air, and have a really delicious flavor.  There are 18 in a serving size with very few calories.  Delish!

7.  Mothering From the Heart
No, I'm not a mother (yet), but I have been so encouraged by this resource.  My blogger friend, GraceAnna, does a radio show with her mom called "Mothering From the Heart".  They answer questions from women about being a Godly wife & mom.  They always give such good, practical, biblical advice.  I sometimes listen to the archives when I'm working, and I always feel like I have a new perspective on something that applies directly to my life or something that I will for sure remember for the future.  You can listen to any of their archived shows on demand on their website HERE.
8. Target Leandra Flip Flops
Spring has sprung, and I'm pretty sure you need some bejeweled bright colored flip flops.  And... they are only $7!!  They come in white, teal, pink, and coral.  Pretty sure you need them all.

9.  Essie "Bahama Mama" Nail Polish
I am loving this shade for both nails and toes these days.  It has just a hint of "bright" for spring, but it's still dark enough to be a good bridge between winter and spring.  Plus, it's a shade of super-chic purple.  I love this stuff!!

10.  Ann Taylor Loft Striped Belt
I am rediscovering the greatness of belts.  I recently picked up this adorable striped belt from Ann Taylor Loft.  It's stretchy and goes with anything!  I love the bold stripes, and I plan to wear this with navy, gray, or yellow!

Here's to a marvelous March!


Liz said...

This is an extremely awesome list. I'm pinning the whole thing.

And yeah... Downton Abbey is ridiculously awesome.

Shayla said...

Loving your list!! I'm totally obsessed with Downton Abbey, too. Now you have me convinced that I need a spring wreath and some Nature Luxe foundation!

Happy Spring!

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