Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Norwood Family Advent

I have been wanting to make an Advent calendar for YEARS, but it's just not as fun when you don't have a child!  Now that I have a child, I can't wait!  There are so many different Advent calendars out there, it was hard to choose.  As a kid, I had calendars where you opened up little paper windows every day and there was something inside.  It was so fun!  However, instead of treat calendars, I've been loving all of the family activity Advent calendars I've seen all over Pinterest.  I was most inspired by my friend Mindy's calendar last year that she did with her kiddos.  This year I shamelessly copied it!   I even stole the title!  Thank you, Mindy!!  Side note:  I know that Ava is still a tiny baby and that she will not understand this in the least.  However, I think it's never too early to start a tradition, and it will be fun for Brent & I to do a small Christmas activity with her each day, even if she doesn't even know what Christmas is!

My calendar consists of 24 small paper bag envelopes with cards I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Then, I designed some number stickers to go on each bag.  I used standard shipping labels.  You can access the PDF here if you want to print your own!  Merry early Christmas!

I cut the stickers to fit my envelopes and stuck 'em on!
Then, I found some great printable Advent Scripture cards from the Happy Home Fairy blog. You can download and print the PDF from her blog here.  I cut them out and taped them on the back of each envelope using double stick tape.
I printed out our daily activities, cut them out, and taped them on the cards that came with the envelopes.

Finally, I put a hole punch in each envelope and attached the envelopes with sparkly ribbon to a little tree I got at Crate & Barrel years ago.  Each day, we'll read a verse and do the activity on the card!

Here are our planned Advent activities, in order by day in case you want to steal them like I did!  I tried my best to make the activities super simple and 10-month-old friendly.  I'm sure we'll add, delete, and revise as she gets older!  What are your advent ideas?

  1. Attend Quad Cities Festival of Trees.  
  2. Make hot cocoa cloud dough.
  3. Wear Christmas PJs.
  4. Make Christmas tree cookies.
  5. Make and play with peppermint play dough
  6. Dance to Christmas music.
  7. Walk the mall & window shop.
  8. Visit the nursing home in the neighborhood.
  9. Check out Christmas books at the library.
  10. Play with a felt Christmas tree.
  11. Make spice crackers.
  12. Make candy cane cookies.
  13. Make hand print ornaments.
  14. Drive around & look at Christmas lights.
  15. Read Christmas books by the Christmas tree.
  16. Make treats for the Sacred City Church staff.
  17. Finger paint Christmas cards.
  18. Make treats for our nanny & housekeeper.
  19. Make & deliver treats for our neighbors.
  20. Watch a Christmas movie.
  21. Go to the Family Museum.
  22. Make & deliver treats to our grocery store workers.
  23. Travel to Texas!!

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Sara said...

I love all your activities for the advent calendar. I was wondering what I was going to do with ours. Candy and gifts seemed so silly, since we really don't need anything (and the toddler does not need more sugar). I love the idea of doing something together as a family everyday.

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