Monday, November 18, 2013

November Necessities

 Here are a few things I am loving this November! 

Sorel Boots
Cold weather is a new phenomenon for me, and I am ill-prepared for snowy weather.  You can't wear flip flops all year... what?!  I asked a few of my Midwestern friends what I should splurge on, and they all said to get a good, sturdy, warm, cute (OK I added that) pair of snowboots.  They all recommended Sorel boots.  Both Brent and I purchased boots on sale at 50% off online, and we Love them with a capital L.  I got the boots below except in a darker grey.  They are the warmest, coziest, cutest boots my feet have ever touched.  It's snowed twice already and my tootsies were warm and dry.  Bring it on, winter.

Merona Knit Brim Hat
I picked up this hat for $10 on sale the other day at Target, and it makes me look about ten times more hipster than I really am.  It's so cute with hair down or up, and it covers my ears and has a built in visor to boot.  They come in all sorts of colors, but I loved the Ivory! 

Cover Girl Hunger Games Capitol Collection
Raise your hand if you're excited about Catching Fire!!!!  I have not been to a movie theater since I saw the Hunger Games.  True story.  But you can bet my next movie outing will be Catching Fire.  Cover Girl has this totally wacky new line inspired by the movie.  I can not (will not) wear 90% of this stuff, but I'm loving the tiny "glosstini" nail polishes.  They have all sorts of trendy glitter colors, but at $3 a pop, you can try it without much commitment.  I picked up "violet flicker" for my nails.  If you like Hunger Games and want to have some fun and see some cool makeup, go here:

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush
I saw that this blush won an Allure beauty award, so I tried it when my old blush ran out.  This stuff is amazing.  It's not a powder or a cream - it's a hybrid of both.  It goes on creamy and sets in a powder finish.  I think all of the colors are super flattering and subtle, but they stay on all day!
Cover Girl Clean Whipped Creme Makeup
A while back, I posted about my favorite face makeup - Nature Luxe by Cover Girl.  I used it for years, and then they went and discontinued it in stores.  Rude.  I was forced to find something new, and I'm so glad I found this.  The "whipped creme" foundation comes in this cute little pot, and it goes on like butter.  It is incredibly lightweight and covers really well.  It does not go on shiny, so there is no need for powder.  I love this stuff, and I'm already on my third pot.

 Fisher Price Music Table
Now that Ava is standing and cruising, this is our GO TO toy.  She gets a little obsessed.  She can play with it for 30+ minutes and never get tired of it.  It's a workout, too, because she literally walks laps around it.  My nephews loved this toy, so I knew we had to get one as soon as she could use it.  It plays over 50 songs, and I do believe I have all of them memorized.  Sometimes after  Ava has gone to bed, our conversation goes like this:  Brent:  "Which song do you have in your head?"  Katie:  "Polly wolly doodle."  B:  "Yeah. I had that for a while.  Now I've got On Top of Old Smokey."  We are really cool.

Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover
When Ava was old enough to sit in a shopping cart or high chair, life got a whole lot easier.  Now we can go to Target, the grocery store, and restaurants with ease.  Ava likes to lick anything in arm's reach, so this shopping cart cover has been essential.  It is also a high chair cover, so we use it all.the.time.  People always ask me where I got it because it's pretty darn cute and functional too.  I got mine from Buy Buy Baby, but you can buy it online too.

Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle
This is my all-time favorite fall candle.  It smells AMAZING.  You wouldn't think leaves would smell good, but this candle sure does.  I'm on my second one of the season!  When I get that "2 for $22" email, I'm all over it.

Out of the Spin Cycle by Jen Hatmaker
This book has really blessed me lately.  It's not new, but it's new to me.  The daily devotions are short, funny, but oh-so-deep and oh-so-true.  It has really resonated with me in ways that other devotional books have not.  Her stories hit home as a new mom, and they have not only changed my actions but also my heart.  Love this book!

Dole Banana Dippers with Almonds
How do I love these?  Let me count the ways.  (1) They are made with all natural ingredients:  bananas, dark chocolate, and almonds.  (2)  They have only 120 calories for a whole pack with almonds or 100 without.  (3)  They satisfy an ice cream treat craving in a much healthier way.  (4)  My husband doesn't like them so I get the whole box to myself.  These are life changing.  Get them. 


Maggie said...

Love this whole post! I miss you!

Shayla said...

Sorel boots are my fave, too – so cozy! I have the Joan of Arctic ones. I put them on sometime back in October and won't take them off until April!

Sounds like I need to look into getting a Leaves candle next fall. One of our annual Christmas traditions is to go shopping for a good, wintry-smelling candle (another fun activity for your darling advent calendar!).

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