Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hobby Lobby is My Homeland

I can let this blog go no further without declaring my undying love for Hobby Lobby. I've always been a crafts person. I was the kid who wanted to color instead of play sports. I owned every craft kit produced by Michaels. I loved cross stitch and those little beads you ironed to melt together. (Does anybody else remember those?)

When I discovered Hobby Lobby in high school, the sky opened up and the angels sang. This was my kind of place! In college, I lived one block from a Hobby Lobby. Ask my roommates - our apartment was almost entirely furnished and decorated with items purchased at Hobby Lobby. Plus, everyone knows that being in a sorority necessitates at the very least a weekly trip to Hobby Lobby because you're always painting or scrapbooking something! Hobby Lobby comforts me. If I had a bad day in college, I would go walk around Hobby Lobby. I can spend hours just looking. And it always smells faintly of Christmas. Yes, please.

Now I live farther from a Hobby Lobby, so my visits are fewer but just as wonderful. Last week I was contemplating the large white wall above our tub in the bathroom that is just begging for a piece of art. I don't like to create art until I'm inspired, so I patiently waited. And then it came to me - I'd do a weaving using ribbons!! Happily, ribbon was 50% off at Hobby Lobby. With 10 rolls of ribbon and a canvas purchased, I got to work on my "weaving"....and that began what I will further refer to as the "ribbon catastrophe of 2008". I had only hot-glued four ribbons when I realized that I had made a terrible mistake. What I was creating looked like some sort of cheesy Hannah Montana piece of art that would only look good over an infant's crib. I try to decorate with pieces that are modern and sophisticated. Apparently, blue polka dots and leopard are neither modern nor sophisticated. Below is what's left of the ribbon catastrophe of 2008. Don't judge. At least I had the good sense to stop before it was too late.

Since the ribbon catastrophe, I have been discouraged. Today, Brent is in College Station for the A&M game. With the prospect of an entire free afternoon, I decided to trek back to Hobby Lobby to return the stupid ribbon. I wanted to work on art this afternoon, so I hoped Hobby Lobby would be my muse. She did not disappoint! When I walked in the store, there was a special display of sale scrapbook paper. I think scrapbooking is kind of out of style at this point, but seeing those papers made me wish it was cool again! They have the most fabulous papers! People probably thought I was crazy because I definitely picked up a few pieces of paper and said (out loud), "This is the most beautiful paper I've ever seen!" Suddenly, I had the perfect idea. I can't tell you exactly what it is because it will have to be a surprise. I'll post the final result on the off-chance that it's not a disaster. If it is a disaster, let's just pretend that none of this ever happened. All I can tell you is that it involves scrapbook paper, paint, canvas, and stencils. No ribbon or hot glue, thank God.

I can hardly wait!



Tiffany said...

Dude, where are the after pictures? What did you make?

AmberKoren said...

I am dying to know what your new project will be!!!!! Can't wait!

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