Monday, September 1, 2008

There's a Spirit...

I love long weekends! Maybe it's because I've been working so hard, but this weekend has felt like an eternity. (I'm not complaining!) The weekend was so great mostly because we got to go to College Station! I'm definitely a city girl, but nothing gets me excited like College Station. When things get busy, I just CRAVE it! Obviously I do not crave the food or the lovely scenery, but I just crave the feeling of that wonderful town.

It's hard to describe - but if you're an Aggie, you know what I'm talking about. Despite the college craziness, the town has a feeling of peace, calm, and a slower pace somehow. Some people criticize College Station by staying is a "bubble" and I have no problem with that! That's why I love it! The bubble in College Station is one of friendliness and values. God's presence exists in a way that is supernatural. God has special plans for A&M, and you can feel it the minute you see Texas Avenue from Highway 6. Being in College Station makes me feel close to God.

When I go back, I get so hopelessly sentimental. Brent thinks I'm crazy, but I'll ask him to drive by all the places that are full of memories. I want to drive by the Pi Phi house, the Midtown house, the business school, the MSC, even Northgate! I just like to see those places and think about how much fun we had. I love to walk across campus and pretend like I'm a student. I love to drive around town and exclaim, "THAT wasn't here when we were here!!" (I'm definitely old.)
This weekend was no exception! College Station delivered again - we had a wonderful break from the real world! We arrived Friday afternoon and checked into the Hyatt Place (nice - you should check it out). We then went to Christopher's where we had a really delicious dinner. We could never afford it in college, but it feels so special to go there now! We had a bottle of wine and desert and everything! It was a fun date. Then we went to see Bill Cosby at First Yell. We also saw the Aggie Wranglers, Singing Cadets, Percussion Studio, and Fade to Black. They were all great! Bill Cosby was also funny, although I almost fell asleep at the end. Being a teacher makes you a lousy Friday night partier. Friday night at 11:00 is WAY past my bedtime.
On Saturday, we got to go to the Business school and hang out with some current students who Brent is mentoring. Brent gave a presentation on investment banking and had a small group session with his mentees. I was lucky to tag along. I feel so far removed from those business school people! I was so pathetic. People were like, "Oh and you are...?" I said, "I'm Brent's wife. I was in in the business school. Now I'm a teacher.... I'm going to go sit in the back." haha -But I love it, so it's OK. Saturday afternoon we met up with Brent's friend from Highland Capital, Terry, and his wife Michelle. We went over to the MSC, checked out the pre-game festivities, and ate dinner at the stadium.
The actual game was a lot of fun (for me) because I don't so much care if we win or lose. I just LOVE to watch the student section, listen to the yells, watch the band, and sometimes watch the game. I got choked up a few times just taking it all in and feeling happy to be an Aggie. Brent, on the other hand, did not have quite as much fun. If you didn't hear about the game, I'll spare you the details. But I had fun anyway!
Sunday we came home and we've been relaxing ever since then. We just got back from Brent's parents' house in SugarLand for an awesome Labor Day dinner. Now it's time to get some rest, wake up tomorrow, and close the achievement gap! ....Or just have some coffee, teach the children, and make it through another day! :-) The kids will be happy because I got them some Aggie t-shirts! Can't start recruiting too young!


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