Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks To Me!

Last April, we went apartment hunting in Houston. We looked at a ton of places, but finally narrowed it down to two. There was one place called 7 Riverway that was really nice, but my favorite thing about it was that they had a coffee bar in the lobby. That's right... I know what's important! Nice coffee, International Delight creamer, fancy sugars... and all for free! I was really hyped and had like two cups while we were taking the tour. (I really like coffee!)

Then there was one other place we liked - The Museum Tower (where we ended up living). When we were signing the lease at The Museum Tower, the leasing lady was asking us what other apartments we'd seen and what we liked about them. (Just using us for a little marketing research, I guess.) I'm not scared, so I said, "Well - there was this one place that had a great coffee bar. It was a really nice perk." She smiled and wrote something down.

So, we moved in, and a few months later, I noticed that they were doing some construction in a little nook in the lobby. I wondered what they were building- probably a new mail sorting room or something boring like that. So imagine my surprise when I went down yesterday and saw...
That's right... a coffee bar!!!! I was giddy with delight. I tried it out this morning. In fact, you can see my coffee brewing right there in the picture. Now, it's not Starbucks. But it's also not $2.33. It's free. And that made it delicious. They also did NOT have International Delight creamers, which is something I may have to speak to them about at a later date, but it will do for now. So, think about the series of events.... we move in, I suggest a coffee bar, and it suddenly appears right when school begins for me (when I need coffee the most!) Coincidence??? I think not.

I'm just waiting for them to hang a plaque above the coffee machine - "Enjoy this coffee machine with thanks to Katie Norwood".

Moral of the story: It never hurts to ask.


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Julia said...

I would like a hot boyfriend, please. Thank you.

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