Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our Nest

Since the title of my blog is "The Norwood Nest", I thought I'd share some pictures of our new (since May) nest in Houston! I love home!


acharpen said...

Your house is lovely! I have to admit to having some of the same/similar things and I wish I had thought to use them in the same way. --Amy

(p.s. hopefully you don't find it weird that I read your blog, I love blogs!)

Josh and Jamie said...

wow, that is a nice couch. :) you've done a great job with your place but i wouldn't put it past you!

allison said...

you are katie limon, so i'm sure you probably already know this, and i'm sure this was the goal, but your "nest" looks like something out of a catlogue! nice work, my friend.

AmberKoren said...

Found your blog off Penny Lane Designs and I have to ask- did you paint or buy the painting in your dining room? The canvas w/ blue and green squares. I have dabbled w/ some paint projects in my house and I have to say this one inspired me :)

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