Sunday, November 2, 2008


Traditionally, Sunday is not my favorite day of the week. Yes, it is the day of the Lord, and I do love Sunday mornings, but inevitably, Sunday afternoon rolls around. Around 3 pm I feel a sense of dread set in as I remember everything I intentionally forgot about for the last two days - grading papers, writing lessons, doing laundry, and going to the grocery store. I've never really liked Sundays.

But, lately, I've found a redeeming quality of Sunday. Sunday evening is a great time to make a nice meal. There's no hurry, no rush, and no getting home late. There is something ridiculously comforting about a Sunday evening with football in the background and something cooking slowly in the oven. I get a little more ambitious with my cooking on Sundays since I feel like I have time to get creative. Today Brent & I were both craving comfort food. We settled on homemade macaroni & cheese, some sort of chicken involving bacon, and green beans.

What we ended up with was a winner. I found an amazing macaroni & cheese recipe in Real Simple and I improvised a pretty freaking delicious chicken. I butterflied chicken breasts, stuffed them with Stove Top stuffing, and wrapped them in bacon. Yum. It made Sunday a little bit better. And just in case you're wondering... no, I didn't finish my other work, and no, I'm not planning to. :-)

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Liz said...

oh martha crocker. amazing. i want that chicken RIGHT NOW.

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