Thursday, January 1, 2009

And a Happy New Year!

I used to buy into the whole Hollywood image of New Year's Eve. I needed to be wearing a beaded evening gown with a glass of champagne in my hand dancing with a bunch of beautiful people at a luxurious locale and celebrating midnight with my hair and makeup still looking perfect. Um, yeah. That never happened. But I held on to the dream for a while. Now I realize that New Year's Eve is MUCH better spent cocooned in your own home, safe from the crazies, free to do whatever you want! So we had a wonderful New Year's Eve last night - Norwood style.
First of all, in the afternoon, I made the horrifying discovery that I missed an ENTIRE SEASON of Project Runway. How is that possible? Why did no one tell me? Project Runway is one of my favorite shows of all time. Thankfully, the fashion gods were smiling upon me, and Bravo was running a Project Runway MARATHON yesterday! whoo hoo! At about 6:00 pm, I went to the apartment gym to work out. Big surprise - NO ONE was in the gym. Lights turned off, TVs off, everything shut down. So I flipped on the lights, turned up the volume on Project Runway, and enjoyed my workout. Beaded evening gown? Not so much. Next I donned my GAP body comfy clothes and Brent & I enjoyed some wine & cheese to kick off our New Year's festivities.

Blazer is saying, "Daddy, may I please have some expensive Whole Foods gourmet cheese? I've been a very good boy this year."

While we enjoyed our cheese, we watched Home Alone. Yes, I know it's not Christmas anymore. That's OK when you do New Years however you want to do New Years!

Brent cooked his famous steakhouse steaks we stole from Barefoot Contessa. I made roasted balsamic asparagus from Cooking Light and Sauteed Shrimp with a little Emeril's Essence. It was the best meal EVER. Forget the $150 a plate dinners elsewhere. These beautiful steaks were $12.99 a pound!!

For desert, we had homemade sticky toffee pudding. This is not from Cooking Light, people. It has lots of sugar, butter, and cream... and It's a once a year kind of treat.

Then I stayed up until 1am. No, not watching the ball drop and the pretty people party in NYC. Watching Project Runway, of course!! I had to see who won! Happy New Year!



Marisa Frizzell said...

Agreed. Home is the best place to have New Year! And I LOVE the asparagus recipe!! I make it all the time! Happy New Year!

The semi-newlyweds said...

I made your asparagus recipe last night! It was so yummy...thanks for sharing!!! Happy New Year!

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