Friday, July 31, 2009

A Little Something

Moving into a new house is great fun. It is a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated! There is just a teeny little problem. My decorating wish list is thousands of dollars long. Since we won't be tackling that list for a while, I thought we needed a little something to brighten up our space for not a lot of money. So, we still have empty rooms, but this little corner of the kitchen is now cute! It was a blank area that I've been wanting to fill for a while. I tried to tie in patterns and colors from our adjoining breakfast area and living room. I think it turned out pretty good! Everything pictured is from either Marshall's or Pier 1. I love to look at it while I cook.




STYLED: the how to's said...


Kate and Zach said...

Looks great!!!! I always love your "decor" posts...

Josh and Jamie said...

Katie, you're the cutest. I hope to see your house sometime.

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