Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The First Day of School In Pictures

It's August 12th. The first day of school! That's right people... it's still 100 degrees outside. Whatever it takes!!!
This was the mass chaos after breakfast when we opened up the floodgates!

Our wonderful, amazing seventh grade team - best people ever!

These two cuties came to day one of seventh grade with their writer's notebooks already decorated with glitter, stickers, and rhinestones. They are girls after my own heart.

This picture may or may not make me tear up a bit. These are two girls I taught in seventh grade my first year of teaching. They are now SENIORS set to graduate and go to college in 180 days! So fun to see them all grown up.

Look at all those 12 year olds. They just look so eager to learn, don't you think?

Part of my classroom, all cute and ready for lessons!

I love this quote we have on the wall in the stairway.

Time to go home!

So... I'm implementing a new library system this year. I recruited three sweethearts to help me organize the books after school today. I gave them some directions and went to a teacher meeting. When I came back thirty minutes later, I found.........this. O.M.G!!!!
They assured me that there is a system and they have it under control. Um.... yeah. I'll let you know how that turns out!!
Ready.... Set... Go!!!! The year has officially begun. Talk to you in June.
Just kidding! (maybe)



Tiffany said...

HAAAA!!! That last picture is stinkin' priceless!! I can only imagine that your little heart literally STOPPED BEATING for a few seconds when you saw that mess. In all fairness my OCD heart would have too. :) I love that "they assured you it would all be cleaned up." HA! Happy new school year you fantastic life coach, you!

In all seriousness, thanks for loving on kids and not only teaching them their school lessons, but teaching them life lessons and how to be a better version of themselves every day.

Love you!

Tiffany said...

PS...Although I like to make lots of fun of you for being totally sappy and cheesy about Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes that's what I totally love and appreciate about you. I really love your passion for what you do and your passion for those kids. I can only hope that my kids have teachers half as passionate as you are.

I would have ended this with some super inspiring quote but only lines from Centerstage and You've got Mail immediately came to mind. So I'll leave you with... Just Dance.

Paula said...

I would be one of those three girls - very visual ... I would want to see everything and put stuff in piles. Future career path? Project Managers!

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