Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yogurt Obsession

For my whole life, I've eaten yogurt because I knew it was good for me, but I never really liked it. I have always bought those fat free Yoplait containers. They make them sound so good in the commercials... I mean, apple pie? Yes, please. Except... it tastes nothing like apple pie. Just an overly sweet goop that somewhat tastes like a processed apple if you concentrate really hard. I also don't like the texture of regular yogurt. It's too thin and watery. Yuck.

Last week I was having lunch with one of my teacher friends, and she was eating what looked like sour cream with a spoon. When I asked her what it was, she told me it was Greek yogurt. I've heard of Greek yogurt a lot lately in recipes, but I've never been able to find it at the store. So I did a little research and found out that even though Greek yogurt is thick, rich, and creamy, it comes either fat free or with 2 grams of fat, and it has TWICE the protein of regular yogurt, so it keeps you full longer. Plus, it only has 30 more calories than the yucky yogurt I was eating already.

So, on my last grocery trip I picked up four containers of Fage Greek Yogurt. I bought three with honey and one with strawberry. Let me just say: I am hooked and I am never going back! The yogurt is not overly sweet. In fact, it's not sweet at all. It's tangy, creamy, and thick - like the texture of sour cream. And who doesn't love sour cream? Then you put a little honey on it for a natural sweetness... heavenly. It's like a desert to me. I've been eating it every day as either a morning snack or an afternoon snack. Today I ran out, and I was seriously trying to plot a way to get some while driving either to or from school. I gotta have it! You should check it out so you can also banish yucky yogurt forever.



keely said...

Sold! I'm going to try it! I LOVE yogurt, so I've been very intrigued with all the Greek yogurt hype! Is this the best brand to try? Why'd you pick it?

Anonymous said...

just a tip - fage works GREAT on a sunburn! takes the heat right out. can't say i love the taste, but i learned that on our trip to Greece from the Greeks themselves! and it works better than aloe!


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