Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

This weekend, we had Brent's parents in town to celebrate his birthday and visit Durham.  More on Brent's birthday later!  We went to all of our favorite Durham restaurants:  Magnolia Grill, Rue Cler, Foster's Market, Guglhuph, and Bull City Burger!  We walked on the Wa-Duke trail, walked around the neighborhood, and hit up all the antique shops and fun stores.  The weather has been beautiful, so we enjoyed many evenings on the porch with wine and nights around the fire pit in the backyard.    We had a laid back Easter, worshipping at Summit Church and then cooking a Southern spring feast for dinner.  We're so glad Vicky & Terry got to take a quick vacation and join us!

Walking on the Wa-Duke 

Easter Dinner!

Chicken stuffed with spring onions and goat cheese {from Cooking Light recipe here}
Risotto with sauteed asparagus {from my own Nordstrom's inspired recipe here}
Cornbread Madeleines {from Southern Living recipe here}
side note:  These were INCREDIBLE.  So simple, yet so amazing.  Southern Living claims you will say "lawdamercy!" when you eat these, and I'm here to tell you it's true.   This recipe is worth buying a madeleine pan.
Citrus & Avocado Salad {from Everyday Food recipe here}
This was a delicious spring salad, and the citrus dressing (not shown) was light and lovely.
Carrot Cake {from Cooking Light recipe here}
Y'all, this carrot cake was divine.  We've been eating it for three days now (oops), and it keeps getting better somehow.  This is one of Brent's favorite cakes, so I made one in honor of his birthday.  Believe it or not, this was a Cooking Light "recipe makeover" where they took a 1,200 calorie slice of cake and whittled it down to below 300.  I seriously can't imagine it being any tastier.
Hope you had a blessed Easter!

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